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ApeCoin DAO Launch Its Own Yuga NFT Marketplace

It’s official: ApeCoin DAO is launching a dedicated marketplace for all Yuga Labs NFT collections. Moving forward, $APE holders will enjoy exciting perks, such as ApeCoin staking, reduced fees, and custom filters. In other words, the new platform will host some of the most popular NFT projects of all time, including the Otherside and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

image of two bored ape yacht club NFTs alongside the official ApeCoin DAO logo
ApeCoin DAO’s dedicated marketplace comes with reduced fees and exciting features! Credit: TheBoredroom

Why did ApeCoin DAO launch its own marketplace?

Today, Yuga Labs’ ApeCoin DAO launched its community NFT marketplace. The platform aims to boost the $APE ecosystem’s growth while facilitating community NFT trading.

Surprisingly, the idea of an Ape NFT marketplace has been around since mid-August, when the community first voted for the proposal. At the time, the concept was to develop a marketplace where only verified Ape holders could connect – and so it has become.

This is a significant milestone for the ApeCoin DAO – now the second-largest DAO per market cap. Of course, their new marketplace brings many exciting features for the ApeCoin DAO, so let’s have a look.

screenshot from the new ApeCoin DAO marketplace
The new platform will include staking filters for all of the verified Ape holders. Credit: ApeCoin DAO

What makes the new platform different?

To begin with, holders will benefit from ApeCoin staking and daily rewards. Sellers will benefit from 5% off their $ETH sales fees and a 25% reduction for each $APE sale completed. However, the team at Snag Solutions confirmed that the platform will ‘respect creator royalties.’

Now, traders can use custom filters to find the perfect collectible faster. For instance, the marketplace will soon feature a filter for Apes with $APE staked. Further, the platform boasts staking metadata integration – a feature the community had requested months ago.

Remember, this is just the beginning. Accordingly, the creators at Snag Solutions already have a roadmap for the ApeCoin DAO marketplace. One of their upcoming goals is a token-gated social feature for Ape communities.

the official ApeCoin DAO logo
The newly-launched marketplace will add new innovations based on the community’s feedback. Credit: ApeCoin DAO

What is Snag Solutions?

In essence, Snag Solutions helps NFT creators develop dedicated marketplaces to take full control over their digital content. Their concept competes with other popular platforms such as OpenSea where users are struggling with high fees, hackers, and more.

Founded in July, the company skyrocketed to popularity thanks to their partnerships with Goblintown, Crypto Chicks, and Genuine Undead. Right now, the group has over a dozen projects ongoing, including the ApeDAO marketplace.

“We’ve been honored, and honestly, floored by the support from the ApeCoin and Yuga NFT communities,” said Snag Solutions’ CEO Zach Heerwagen. “When we started Snag we always planned to work with the biggest creators, but receiving this level of support from the most iconic NFT community exceeded all expectations.”

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