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CoinCRED-Backed Gyre Network Launches in the Cryptocurrency Market

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CoinCRED, the newly-entered U.A.E. exchange, has officially announced its collaboration with a new-age crypto project, GYRE NETWORK. The year-old exchange is well aware of the current market situation, but it states that the partnership is a strategic move that will help both parties to provide a great experience to their users and accommodate other crypto enthusiasts.

About the GYRE NETWORK project

GYRE NETWORK is a newly-launched cryptocurrency with the “GYR” symbol and is based on the BEP-20 token standard of the BNB smart chain. The core objective of the Gyre Network is to spread awareness about blockchain technology and the adaptability of smart contracts at a larger scale in the physical world.

CoinCRED will soon be the official launchpad partner of the GYRE NETWORK since it’s backing the project. The exact details of the enlisting on CoinCRED will come up soon.

The partners’ respective team is already working on marketing the GYR tokens. The Gyre team has conducted webinars with Mr. Ubaid Chand, the CEO of CoinCRED, as part of brand awareness campaigns for showcasing its USP.

GYRE NETWORK Incentive Program

GYRE NETWORK is currently unavailable on CoinCRED and other exchanges, but it plans to be enlisted on more trading platforms in the future. Initially, it launched its application independently.

The team developed an exclusive incentive program to enhance the cryptocurrency ecosystem and generate regular passive income for all crypto enthusiasts. The initiative aims at network building; the user needs to build their own network with some stipulated amount of investment to start reaping the program’s benefits in terms of investment income.

The program operates via the application of GYRE NETWORK, which is currently available on the playstore. It will soon be available on iOS as well.

Expectations from GYRE NETWORK

The GYRE NETWORK strategy is quite unique. The team, as well as CoinCRED reps, said it could lead to a revolution and increase crypto adaptability at a rapid pace.

According to the project’s initial reports, the application is receiving a great response. It has witnessed 2k-plus downloads on the Play Store within three days of its launch, and it will be available soon on iOS. The Gyre Network application was launched on 14 November 2022, and the team aims for 70-80K downloads by the end of the first month.

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