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Cross-Chain Automation Platform CrowdSwap Aimed at DeFi Mass Adoption

While the recent events associated with the downfall of one of the world’s leading centralized exchanges – FTX – have shaken the industry to its core, they also brought up key principles out of oblivion.

Decentralization is the core concept behind crypto, and this has become clear now more than ever.

CrowdSwap brings forward a cross-chain “opportunity optimization and automation platform” that aims to achieve mass adoption.

What is CrowdSwap?

Building on the above, the platform concentrates on delivering great opportunities in the cryptocurrency space built on top of a robust price-routing and aggregation algorithm, as well as a secure cross-chain feature.

It aims to decrease the barriers to entry in the space of decentralized finance (DeFi) through automation and optimization. This would enable the users to partake in and benefit from various opportunities without having to go through the hassle of knowing every detail about the necessary steps to execute.

The platform wraps these steps into a minimum number of transactions, and the user benefits from spending less time having to search for the best prices and cross-chain bridges, as well as adding liquidity to the correct places.


Features of CrowdSwap

In its essence, CrowdSwap is an aggregation protocol that aims to bring DeFi to mass adoption and help people overcome a lot of the problems they face in the otherwise fast-growing crypto space.

Some of the protocol’s missions include:

  • To decrease the complexity of DeFi space
  • To make DeFi accessible to everybody
  • To provide the best prices for swapping tokens across the DeFi space
  • To allow users to conduct cross-chain swaps
  • To suggest various portfolio combinations with high yields
  • To enable staking and yield farming opportunities

The platform’s algorithm works to help users identify opportunities that are otherwise hard to come by, especially if the research is carried out manually. The protocol works to filter the opportunities while also finding the fastest and cheapest way to them and guides the users through the process.

CrowdSwap’s Black Friday Campaign

As the end of November is upon us, CrowdSwap also brings forward a Black Friday campaign for its users.

Everyone who invests $50 in the pairs below will be attended a lottery where two users can win 1000 CROWD tokens (the native cryptocurrency of the platform).

The pairs include:


The campaign will run from November 24th to November 28th for a total of five days, and on each day, there will be two winners. The total prize pool is $1000 in CROWD tokens.

For more info and communication, you can check the project’s Twitter and Discord

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