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Play-to-Earn With the New Rebus Utility Token

[PRESS RELEASE – Please Read Disclaimer]

One of the main goals of Rebus is to reimagine TradFi and DeFi to increase adoption and benefit more than just $REBUS holders, but the entire ecosystem of users. With an emerging gaming market on Web3, Rebus has created a way to capitalize on play-to-earn crypto gaming.

That’s where LUDUS comes in. This exclusive token is dedicated to the play-to-earn community and other projects launching on the Rebus chain soon. The LUDUS token allows users to access play-to-earn content, which gives them access to other benefits like game drops and early sales.

However, LUDUS utility doesn’t end there. It also acts as a governance token so that holders can vote on various aspects of the platform, like play-to-earn protocols. By giving LUDUS tokens governance, only the most credible protocols will make it to the platform, maintaining quality and reputation.

LUDUS may have a limited supply, but it has an unlimited number of use cases. Maintaining a healthy token economy ensures intrinsic value. But there are so many other benefits, like a verification protocol with three layers.

The first layer of verification includes community voting through LUDUS. The second is approval of the platform validators. The third is approval from Rebus itself. This system gives LUDUS an incredible amount of validity and adds a useful dimension to the entire Rebus platform.

Farming Tales is the first game to launch on Rebus, using the LUDUS token, but there are plenty more updates to come. Rebus plans to release new information regarding LUDUS and all of their play-to-earn partners in the coming weeks and months.

There’s a lot of excitement on the Rebus platform these days, and LUDUS isn’t the only thing going on. The Twitter and Discord pages are rife with information regarding what’s new and coming soon. You can also support LUDUS by buying $REBUS and becoming a part of the community now.

About Company

RebusChain is taking DeFi mainstream by bringing DeFe investments to traditional investors! This intersection of two different worlds makes crypto investing possible for everyone and builds the best crypto products for conventional finance.

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